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Saphron User Guide (Inventory) ART.jpeg
@hand - Core Platform User Guide

SaaS Adaptive Mobility Platorm

This guide was created from a review of the software. 

Walk Through 1 CROPPED  - Copy.jpg
Charles Schwab - Annual Information and Cybersecurity Report

This annual report was created for Charles Schwab Corporation from 2017-2019. The linked document is an excerpt of the team walkthrough for 2019. This excerpt shows the scope of the full report and provides no confidential information.

Global Finance / McGraw-Hill - Derivatives Roundtable Article

Distilled 60-page derivatives roundtable transcript featuring more than a dozen financial experts into a 4-page article.



Programmer Guide Cover.jpeg
Office of the Governor of Texas - eGrants Programmer's Guide

One of many guides written for the Office of the Governor of the State of Texas, Criminal Justice Division.


Blockchain v2 4-12-21_Page_1.jpg
Charles Schwab - Blockchain Whitepaper 

This confidential no-frills whitepaper was written for Schwab top executives. 

Image by Dan Freeman


Whether you need a rock-steady technical writer or a field of business writing poppies, Olivia Wakeman brings decades of research, writing, and editing experience to your organization.  As a seasoned technical / business writer, Olivia wields both fire and finesse to win hearts, minds, and dollars for

your company.


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Olivia Wakeman

Austin, Texas

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